32nd edition of the Biological Sciences Department's Symposium

We would like to thank all the people who participated directly or indirectly in the success of this 32nd edition of the Department’s Symposium which was held on Friday March 25.

We were very happy to welcome more than 150 people at the IRBV to share the research being done in the department.

We also thank the four speakers of our conferences who came to talk about greenwashing and ecology. Thanks to Alison Munson, Annie Levasseur, Nicolas Chatel-Launay and Yves-Marie Abraham!

A total of 46 communications from students in the department were presented (from undergraduate to graduate students), including 24 oral presentations, 4 video capsules and 18 posters, in addition to a photo competition.

In order to reward the excellence of the research carried out within the Department, these communications were the subject of an evaluation by a jury of voluntary professors, allowing us to award prizes for the best poster, video and oral presentation.

We would therefore like to congratulate once again the students who stood out during the symposium.

Best oral presentations:
Myriam Cloutier
Béatrice Gervais-Bergeron
Gabriel Dansereau
Marie Levet
Constance Le Gloanec

Best poster:
Thierry Choquette

Best video:
Audrey-Anne Leblanc

Best photo:
Roxanne Gélinas-Lemay

The IRBV would like to highlight excellence in student research by displaying the scientific posters of Julie Carvalho, Viraj Alimchandani and Nicolas Perrault in the main corridor of the IRBV. Come see them!