The main building

Located on the site of the Montreal Botanical Garden, established through a partnership between the Université de Montréal and the City of Montréal (Space for life Montreal), the IRBV is a centre of excellence in research and teaching. It brings together the research teams directed by twenty-one researchers with diverse yet complementary expertise in the plant sciences. Their research thematics cover a wide spectrum of disciplines, including genomics, functional biodiversity, phytotechnology, biological control and ecological management, addressing both fundamental and applied problematics. The IRBV also trains graduate students, who represent the next generation of researchers. Its Biodiversity Centre houses important collections of plants, insects and fungi, as well as a large hall, the Salle André-Bouchard, which is used for exhibitions aimed at educating the general public and raising awareness of major issues related to biodiversity. Today, the IRBV is composed of 300 individuals – researchers, students, postdoctoral fellows, research and administrative staff – who work in modern facilities on an exceptional site that offers an environment unique in Canada. We share a commitment to the development and transfer of knowledge in the field of plant science. A place where the development and transmission of knowledge in plant biology remains our raison d’être.