Research professional
Laboratory of Anne Bruneau


  • Manager of the Canadensys network, facilitating the publication and use of biodiversity data held in Canadian collections and organizations.Data are published openly on both the Canadensys website and on GBIF, an international organization promoting the publication and discovery of biodiversity data worldwide.
  • Manager of the Legume Portal, developed in partnership with GBIF and the Legume Phylogeny Working Group.
  • GBIF Vice-Representative for the North America region, and co-manager of the North America region portal, developed in partnership with GBIF and the region's management committee.
  • Trainer, mentor and translator for various projects managed by the GBIF Secretariat (BID, CESP, BIFA).
  • Manager of the first thematic helpdesk set up by GBIF, with a special focus on human disease vector species.


More information about my academic background and publications are available on my ORCID and LinkedIn pages.