Primary plant metabolism and regulation

Associate professor
Department of biological sciences - University of Montreal


Our main research interest concerns metabolic adaptations to changes in the environment in plants. We are particularly interested in studying the modifications that occur in the plant glycolytic pathway following exposure to stress or nutrient limitation. We mainly use non-photosynthetic tissues (roots, cell cultures) as experimental models. Our laboratory uses different approaches such as enzyme purification and kinetic analysis, generation and characterization of transgenic plants, large scale metabolite quantification, protein and gene expression studies as well as in vivo metabolic tracer studies and metabolite quantification. Another aspect of our work concerns the study of regulation of primary metabolism enzymes by phosphorylation and protein-protein interactions.

Keywords: Primary plant metabolism and its regulation Metabolic adaptation to environmental stress Control mechanisms of glycolysis.


Research assistant
Sonia Dorion

Ph.D. students
Charlie Boutin
Kaur Diljot, co-supervision for Jacqueline Bede (University McGill)

M.Sc. students
Camille Clément


BIO-1534: Physiologie végétale
BIO-2020: Stage en milieu de travail
BIO-2091: Initiation à la recherche
BIO-2541: Physiologie végétale avancée
BIO-3702: Biotechnologie végétale
BIO-6028: Séminaires en biologie végétale
BIO-6157: Biochimie et biologie moléculaire des plantes

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