Forest dynamics, biodiversity, climate change

Adjunct professor
Department of biological sciences - University of Montreal

Botanist and researcher
Montreal Botanical Garden


We seek to understand how forests respond to global changes, including climate warming, forest management and urbanization. We study changes in forest communities over space and time by analyzing taxonomic and functional biodiversity as well as forest dynamics in order to understand their causes and consequences. Our research is driven by a strong desire to translate scientific findings into knowledge for conservation and management.

Keywords: Forests    Plant communitiess    Biodiversity    Climate change    Anthropogenic disturbances    Urbanisation    Forest dynamics    Modelisation    Resilience.



Ph.D. students

  • Nejm Eddine Jmii, co-supervision for Frédéric Doyon (UQO)
  • Lukas Van Riel, co-supervision François Girard, UdeM, and Mathieu Bouchard, Université Laval
  • Théophile Kabasele Walelu, co-supervision François Girard, UdeM, and Yves Bergeron, UQAT


M.Sc. students

  • Marianne Bouthillette, co-supervision Pierre Legendre, UdeM, and Pierre-Luc Couillard, MRNF
  • Chloé Leblanc-Gagné, co-supervision with Stéphanie Pellerin
  • Samuel Martin, co-supervision with Stéphanie Pellerin
  • Mélanie Primeau, co-supervision for Stéphanie Pellerin