Technical help wanted

Jacques Brisson’s laboratory is looking for technical assistance to proceed with the characterization of vegetation and sampling for water quality in drainage ditches, as well as for the collection and entry of data.

All the information is in this PDF document.

Carole Sinou, new collections coordinator at the Marie-Victorin Herbarium

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Carole Sinou as collections coordinator at the Marie-Victorin Herbarium. Many of you have already met Carole at the Biodiversity Centre, since she has been in charge of managing the Canadensys portal for many years, in addition to having been a graduate student and technical assistant in Anne Bruneau’s laboratory. This experience in the use of natural history collections and the management of biodiversity data places her in a privileged position to take charge of all herbarium activities (publication of data, exchanges, services to researchers, etc).

Congratulations Carole!

A worm that secretes a paralyzing toxin could become invasive

A recent article in La Presse about the appearance in Montreal of a dangerous worm of exotic origin includes bits of an interview with Etienne Normandin of the IRBV. Read here.

The presence of this worm in Montreal was first reported in 2018 by Thomas Théry, also from the IRBV.

Photo Sanjay Acharya, Wikicommons.

Offer of 4 M.Sc's and Ph.D's in environmental microbiology

Joan Laur ( is looking for 4 students to complete her team and participate in a multidisciplinary project that will begin this fall. The research project will focus on the use of omic technologies to characterize, optimize and reduce GHG emissions from the recovery of agri-food co-products in the context of urban agriculture in Montreal.

For all info, see this PDF document.

Field help wanted

Field help needed to participate in an inventory of the flora of the freshwater estuary of the St. Lawrence and the monitoring of populations of Bidens eatonii and Bidens infirma. All the information is in this PDF document.

Medicinal plants, uprooted knowledge?

An article titled “Plantes médicinales, des savoirs déracinés?” (“Medicinal plants, uprooted knowledge?”), published on 16 June 2023 in the Voix Acadienne, includes parts of an interview with Alain Cuerrier. Read here (in French).

Three masters on rare Quebec plant species currently offered

The systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and floristics laboratory directed by Étienne Léveillé-Bourret is undertaking three studies on rare plant species in the freshwater estuary of the St. Lawrence, funded by the Ministry of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks (MELCCFP):

1. Ecology and floristic diversity of the St. Lawrence freshwater estuary

2. Taxonomy of the rare Victorin’s water-hemlock (Cicuta maculata var. victorinii)

3. Taxonomy of the rare Provancher’s fleabane (Erigeron philadelphicus var. provancheri)

Deadline: 25 August 2023. For information, see this document.

A wetland restoration project in an agricultural zone

An article entitled “À Coaticook, un projet de restauration des milieux humides en zone agricole”, published in the 11 July 2023 edition of Le Devoir, discusses the research work of Audréanne Loiselle, doctoral researcher at the IRBV under the supervision of Stéphanie Pellerin.

Read the article (in French) here.

Photo © Jacques Nadeau, Le Devoir.

Laura Michell Carmona Rojas stands out at the SCPB annual congress

Congratulations to Laura Michell Carmona Rojas who, during the annual congress of the SCPB (Canadian Society of Plant Biologists) held at Université Laval (June 18-21), won the CRIV (Centre de Recherche et d’Innovation sur les Végétaux) award in recognition of an outstanding oral presentation.

Laura is a Ph.D. student at the Universidad de Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia). Co-supervised by Aura Ines Urrea-Trujillo and Jean Rivoal, she is currently doing a one-year internship at the IRBV. Her presentation was entitled “Genotypic variations in physiological and growth parameters under potassium deficiency in cacao (Theobroma cacao L)”.

Our sincere congratulations to Laura!

Marion Leménager wins an Acfas prize in science popularization

At the last Acfas congress, Marion Leménager was awarded a favorite prize in the Acfas popularization competition. It is with a comic strip describing her work on the evolution of flowers in 3D that Marion, who is a doctoral student at the IRBV, stood out for her originality. The comic strip entitled Flowers not at all flat can be viewed on the Acfas website.

Image taken from the comic book Flowers not at all flat © Marion Leménager

Technical assistance job for the summer of 2023

A full-time summer job is currently offered. Danielle Dagenais is looking for technical assistance to carry out vegetation characterization and water quality sampling in drainage ditches, as well as data collection and entry.

For the complete info, see this PDF document.

Chloé Frédette rewarded for her research

Chloé Frédette rewarded for her research on zero-effluent willow marshes

The Esten Foundation’s 2022 first prize in the “applied research in decentralized wastewater treatment” category was awarded to Chloé Frédette, a graduate of Jacques Brisson’s laboratory, for her article Design of zero liquid discharge leachate treatment system using an evapotranspiration willow bed published in the prestigious journal Water Research. This article represents the culmination of three years of doctoral research on the innovative and novel application of zero-effluent willow marshes for the treatment of contaminated leachate. The ESTEN Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage research, development and innovation related to the decentralized sanitation industry and water protection.

In the photo, from left to right: Yves Comeau, professor at École Polytechnique and co-supervisor; Daniel Roch, President of the Esten Foundation, Chloé Frédette and Jacques Brisson (May 2023).

Summer job in ecology

Stéphanie Pellerin’s laboratory is looking for a full-time research assistant for the 2023 summer season. The auxiliary will have the task of carrying out floristic inventories in urban woodlands and characterizing the health of ash trees. For more information, see this PDF document.

Summer job offer at the entomology laboratory

The entomology laboratory directed by professor Jacques Brodeur is looking for a research assistant for the 2023 summer season (15 May to 1 September).

The job consists of maintaining insect colonies in the laboratory, participating in the collection of data on the Japanese beetle in the field and in the laboratory, collecting samples of fruits and vegetables for a project on pesticide residues, as well as other related tasks . The person may occasionally have to work weekends. The contract may begin between 15 May and 1 June, depending on the student’s availability.

For all info, see this PDF document.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Eugénie Émond

Les Lucioles nominated for the Prix Découverte

The podcast Les Lucioles is nominated for the Prix Découverte of the 2023 edition of the UdeM Student Engagement Gala.

This podcast is an initiative of biologist-researchers Marie-Christine Lafrenière and Stéphanie Shousha who interview their colleagues from the University of Montreal to popularize the research in biology that is done here, in Quebec. They have already interviewed several students from the IRBV and the University of Montreal.

You are invited to listen to the podcast episodes on Spotify, and to vote for Les Lucioles on the Prix Découverte page.

Research assistant contracts for summer 2023

Two research assistant contracts for the 2023 summer season are currently offered to anyone with a completed bachelor’s degree in biology or other related training.

For the part-time research assistant contract (May 8 to August 31), see this Excel document.

For the full-time Technical Assistant contract (May 19 to August 31), see this PDF document.

Job offers in Étienne Laliberté's laboratory

The plant functional ecology laboratory directed by Professor Etienne Laliberté is looking for two full-time research assistants for the 2023 summer season. Both contracts start on 1 May 2023 and end in August.

All the information on the tasks as well as the terms of application can be found in the following PDF documents: PDF1, PDF2.

Employment offer at the Marie-Victorin Herbarium

The Marie-Victorin Herbarium is looking for a collections coordinator. All the information about the position, its remuneration and how to apply can be found at the following link.