Frédéric Pitre appointed botanist

Frédéric Pitre, member-researcher at the IRBV since 2012, has been appointed to the position of botanist in the Research and Scientific Development division of the Botanical Garden/Space for Life.

Frédéric holds a Ph.D. (2007) awarded jointly by Université Laval and AgroParisTech, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the renowned Rothamsted Research Center and Imperial College in the UK. He was hired as an assistant botanist in the division in May 2012.

With training and expertise in phytotechnology, Frédéric will be actively involved in the new directions the Botanical Garden/Space for Life hopes to take in the coming years. In addition to his duties as a botanist-researcher, Frédéric will have the important responsibility of managing the Botanical Garden’s library and slide library.