Daniel Philippe Matton

Full professor
department of biological sciences



Molecular biology of plant reproduction. Signal transduction and the role of protein kinases in fruit and seed development.


The members of our laboratory study the role of signal transduction during fertilization and embryo development in plants. We mainly focus on the role of signaling cascades involved in sexual reproduction, that are crucial for seed and fruit development. Two families of protein kinases are currently studied in our laboratory: the MAPK family and the Receptor Kinase family (PRK or RLK). Small protein ligands that could potentially interact with receptor kinases are also studied.

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The C.D. Nelson Award in Plant Physiology 2004 from the CSPP (Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists).

Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics and Plant Signal Transduction.

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. If you are of German nationality and wish to pursue postdoctoral studies in our laboratory, click here.

Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow 2010.


  • BIO-2091: Initiation à la recherche
  • BIO-3102: Travaux pratiques de biologie moléculaire
  • BIO-3150: Signalisation cellulaire
  • BIO-6028: Séminaires en biologie végétale
  • BIO-6157: Biochimie et bio moléculaire des plantes