Marie-Hélène Brice

Forest dynamics, biodiversity, climate change

Jacques Brisson

Phytotechnologies, invasive species, wetlands

Jacques Brodeur

Trophic interactions, parasitism, biological control

Anne Bruneau

Plant systematics

Mario Cappadocia

Genetic and molecular studies of reproduction

Pierre-Luc Chagnon

Microbial and behavioral ecology

Alain Cuerrier

Ethnobiology and medicinal plants

Colin Favret

Insect systematics and biodiversity

Mohamed Hijri

Mycology, soil microbial diversity

Simon Joly

Evolution of plant reproductive systems

Daniel Kierzkowski

Plant development and morphodynamics

Michel Labrecque

Phytoremediation and plant physiology

Geneviève Lajoie

Biogeography and evolution of plant-microbe interactions

Etienne Laliberté

Plant functional ecology

Joan Laur

Plant-water relations and phytotechnologies

Étienne Léveillé-Bourret

Systematics, phylogenetics, biogeography, floristics

David Morse

Chronobiology and molecular biology

Stéphanie Pellerin

Ecosystem dynamics, wetland ecology

Frédéric Pitre

Phytotechnologies and genomics analysis

Jean Rivoal

Primary plant metabolism and regulation

Anne-Lise Routier

Plant development and biomechanics