Stéphanie Pellerin

Adjunct professor
department of biological sciences

Montreal Botanical Garden



Wetland Ecology; Ecosystem Dynamics; Historical Ecology; Paleoecology; Rare Plant Conservation; Plant-Herbivore Interactions .


My research program aimed at understanding the relative influences of natural and human disturbances, as well as climate changes, on ecosystem dynamics and resilience. All the projects conducted within my lab incorporate a historical component through the use of paleoecology (e.g. pollen or macrofossil analyses) or historical (e.g. aerial photograph analyses) techniques. Furthermore, I am supervising research projects on rare plant conservation and restoration. These projects are part of the Emergency-Conservation program of the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Member of the Plant Subcommittee, within the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).

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  • BIO-2091: Initiation à la recherche