A future scientist in Jacques Brisson’s lab: a 10-year old student demonstrates the water hyacinth’s ability to purify contaminated water

Don’t miss this video on YouTube: (http://youtu.be/Tt8GNGPbPXg) Alizée Richer, age 10, a young prodigy in Grade 4 at the alternative primary school Coeur à Coeur, presents a video-clip of the project she prepared for this year’s Expo-science competition. She set up her project, on the purifying capacity of the water hyacinth, in a laboratory of the Université de Montréal. The young scientist was inspired by an article she read in Quatre-Temps magazine (published by the Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden), written by Jacques Brisson and his student, Mariana Rodriguez. Using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, she showed that water hyacinth was able to remove close to 50% of the chromated copper arsenate present in an aquarium by rhizofiltration. Alizée won first prize for her presentation at a local-level Expo-science, and will participate in the North-Shore regional finals in 2014. Congratulations to a promising young researcher for her curiosity and enthusiasm!