Plant – environment interactions

Plants form the base of the production chain and ecosystem functioning. We study the processes by which plants grow and interact with each other and their environment. Our aim is to understand the functioning of plants and to propose actions that optimize their protection and use.

Marie-Hélène Brice
Forests. Plant communities. Biodiversity. Climate change. Anthropogenic disturbances. Urbanisation. Forest dynamics. Modelisation. Resilience.
Jacques Brisson
Plant population ecology. Competition for space. Integrated plant management. Invasive species. Aquatic macrophytes for wastewater treatment.
Jacques Brodeur
Plant-insect-natural ennemies interaction, biological control and urban ecology.
Pierre-Luc Chagnon
Microbial ecology, mycorrhizal symbioses, life history strategies, plant-soil feedbacks, community assembly, ecological networks, behavioral ecology.
Alain Cuerrier
Ethnobiology, ethnozoology and ethnobotany. Folk classification. Medicinal plants of the First Nations of Canada. Antidiabetic and potentially antioxidant plants. Traditional knowledge of Inuits in Nunavik and Crees in Quebec.
Colin Favret
Insect systematics and biodiversity. Cybertaxonomy. Aphid taxonomy, phylogenetics, and speciation. Biodiversity informatics.
Mohamed Hijri
Molecular genetics, genomics and evolution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Environmental genomics and biodiversity of soil microbes.
Simon Joly
Evolution of reproductive systems, speciation, hybridization, plant genetics, and polyploidy.
Michel Labrecque
Nutrition and assimilation under various environmental conditions.
Geneviève Lajoie
Plant and microbial ecology. Host-symbiont associations. Population and community ecology. Genomics. Bioinformatics. Functional traits and phylogenetics.
Étienne Laliberté
Plant functional ecology. Community and ecosystem ecology. Plant-soil interactions.
Joan Laur
Aquaporines. Molecular physiology of plants. Plant-water relations.
Étienne Léveillé-Bourret
Co-evolution of plants and fungal parasites.
Frédéric Pitre
Plant physiology, phytotechnologies, phytoremediation, tree biology, genomics, transcriptomics, plant biochemistry.
Jean Rivoal
Primary plant metabolism and its regulation, metabolic adaptation to environmental stress, control mechanisms of glycolysis.


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