Plant signaling, reproduction and development

The sexual reproduction of plants is a crucial process for the survival of species. It is the basis of much of the world’s food production. Moreover it is also partly responsible for the great diversity of flowering plants. We seek to understand the mechanisms involved in plant reproduction, both on the level of molecular signaling and reproductive cell development, and in regard to their differentiation over the course of evolution.

Simon Joly
Evolution of reproductive systems, speciation, hybridization, plant genetics, and polyploidy.

Anne-Lise Routier
Plant development. Growth regulation. Cell shape. Biomechanics. Modeling. Image analysis. Force measurements.

Jean Rivoal
Primary plant metabolism and its regulation, metabolic adaptation to environmental stress, control mechanisms of glycolysis.

Daniel Kierzkowski
Plant development, organ patterning, live imaging of organogenesis, organ growth tracking, plant morphodynamics.

David Morse
Biochemistry and molecular miology of Dinoflagellates. Chronobiology.

Mario Cappadocia
Intra- and interspecific barriers in plant reproduction. Self-incompatibility in Solanum chacoense: genetic and molecular aspects.


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