Upcoming conferences

22 Feb 2024
12:00 pm
 - 13:00 pm

Sarathi Weraduvage

Investing carbon in leaf area growth: plants’ high-yield...
14 Mar 2024
12:00 pm
 - 13:00 pm

Mathilde Robitaille

séminaire de maîtrise
21 Mar 2024
11:00 am
 - 12:00 pm

Geneviève Belleville

28 Mar 2024
12:00 pm
 - 13:00 pm
Sophie Breton
Le génome mitochondrial comme un jeu de poupées russes
4 Apr 2024
12:00 pm
 - 13:00 pm

Samuel Martin, Chloé Leblanc

séminaires de maîtrise
11 Apr 2024
12:00 pm
 - 13:00 pm

Antoine Caron-Guay, Charles Picard

séminaires de maîtrise
25 Apr 2024
12:00 pm
 - 13:00 pm
Elise Filotas



Infrastructures_1_Batiment principal
Located on the site of the Montreal Botanical Garden, established through a partnership between the Université de Montréal...
Infrastructures_2_Centre sur la biodiversité
Located on the site of the Montréal Botanical Garden, the Biodiversity Centre is a world-class centre of excellence in the...
The IRBV and the Biodiversity Centre have extensive laboratory facilities. Two well-equipped undergraduate teaching labora...

Major projects and chairs

Grands projets_2_CABO
The Canadian Aerial Biodiversity Observatory (CABO) aims to develop an innovative remote sensing technology, “spectranomic...
Grands projets_3_Chaires de recherche
The use of synthetic pesticides to control harmful organisms in agriculture and forestry has detrimental effects on the en...
Grands projets_1_Canadensys
Managed by the Centre on Biodiversity at the University of Montreal, the Canadensys network brings together the collection...

The Collections

The Cercle des mycologues de Montréal is one of the largest and most active mycological societies in North America. Over t...
The Montréal Insectarium is the leading entomological museum in North America with a focus on public outreach. It is locat...
The Ouellet-Robert entomological collection comprises one-and-a-half million specimens. It is one of the larger Canadian u...
The Marie-Victorin Herbarium is a large collection of vascular plants and bryophytes. Thanks to its 634,640 specimens, the...