Singularity and multiplicity, two components of a challenging graduate program at the heart of contemporary science. The IRBV offers graduate students a unique environment to acquire advanced training in various fields of plant biology. Students benefit from an ultra-modern infrastructure, including laboratories equipped with instruments that allow them to be at the cutting edge of techniques used in plant biology. The location of the IRBV in the heart of the Montreal Botanical Garden gives access to a tremendous reservoir of genetic material while providing a very pleasant quality of life.

The graduate program, conducted as part of the biological sciences program of the University of Montreal (the second largest research university in Canada), enjoys an enviable reputation. The Institute’s alumni directory is a testament to IRBV’s commitment to providing a high quality education that is relevant to today’s society and prepares the student for a multitude of careers.

Students interested in doing their master’s or doctoral degree at the IRBV must register with the biology department of the University of Montreal.