Plant systematics

Full professor
Department of biological sciences - University of Montreal


My research group aims to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships in angiosperms, focussing in particular on the legume family (peas, beans; Fabaceae or Leguminosae). This allows us to arrive at predictive and stable classification systems that reflect evolutionary history and to better understand species delimitations and interspecific relationships. The phylogenies are used as an evolutionary framework to better understand molecular and morphological evolution in these groups. We are interested in the evolution of pollination systems, in modifications in floral morphology, and in biogeographical and ecological evolution. We use a diversity of approaches, from sequencing of DNA, to phylogenomics, morphological studies, and analyses of broad biogeographical and ecological datasets. Our ultimate goes is to better understand plant biodiversity across the world.

Keywords: Systematics • Phylogenetics • Biogeography and evolution of flowering plants


Research associates
Carole Sinou, biodiversity informatics manager, Canadensys

Postdoctoral fellows
Warren Cardinal-McTeague

M.Sc. students
Florence Blanchard, co-supervision with Etienne Laliberté
Laurence Bourgeois-Racette
Charlotte Hagelstam-Renshaw


BIO-2315: Évolution et domestication des plantes
BIO-3115/6115: Principes de phylogénie et de systématique
BIO-6245: Analyse phylogénétique
MSL-6115: Collections de sciences naturelles


  • Canadensys - I am the Principal Investigator of Canadensys, a pan-Canadian network that makes biodiversity information freely and openly available to everyone
  • Legume Phylogeny Working Group - International network of researchers interested in phylogenetics and systematics of the legume family (see publications: LPWG 2013, 2017, 2019)
  • Projet CABO - The objective of the Canadian Airborne Biodiversity Observatory (CABO) is to study and understand changes in plant biodiversity across Canada using spectranomics
  • BIOS2 - A network of researchers who explore, apply and train in quantitative and computational methods to address challenges in biodiversity science