Systematics, phylogenetics, biogeography, floristics

Assistant professor
Department of biological sciences - University of Montreal


Research in the lab focuses on the discovery and classification of plant biodiversity of temperate, boreal and arctic-alpine areas. Studies have tackled subjects going from new species description to biogeography, phylogenomics and co-evolution between plants and fungal parasites. Most projects focus on Cyperaceae (sedges, >5600 species), one of the largest plant families in northern areas. However, we occasionally work on other plant families.

We strive to use a diversity of methods including molecular phylogenetics, genomics, as well as more traditional approaches based on morphology, anatomy and embryology. Studies on living plants in the field, and on natural history specimens preserved in herbaria, are at the heart of all our research.

Keywords: Plant systematics • Phylogenetics • Genomics • Phylogeography • Biogeography • Floristics


Ph.D. students

Maurane Bourgouin
Étienne Lacroix-Carignan

M.Sc. students

Marc-Aurèle Vallée
Thomas Villeneuve


BIO-2306: Floristique du Québec
BIO-2386: Taxonomie des végétaux
BIO-2720: Flore des milieux humides et aquatiques